Financial Issues

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Financial Officers 

Budget, forecasts, annual accounts, follow-up, analysing the department’s education and research. 
Projects: applications, calculations, follow-up and analysis, orders. Account-coding issues.

FUS, KOM, Miun Holding: Linda Andersson  
BIB, INFRA: Maria Forslin
EKO, HR, STUA, SUSS, UL, ULS: Lena Jadekrantz

Production Accountants

Electronic Invoice Handling (EFH) – suppliers’ invoices. Account-coding delivery invoices, account fields 1-2. Customer invoices, including re-invoicing expenses for external parties. Payments and adjustments.

INFRA (CAMP): Benita Elofsson
HR: Anki Ringdahl
UL, ULS, FUS, RUN, KOM: Marittha Olsson
EKO, STUA, SUSS, INFRA (IT): Diana Svärd


INFRA (CAMP): Anna-Carin Hammar