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Dismissal by employer and resignation

Dismissal by employer:
The employer is required to vie one month's notice if the position has been held for no longer than one year and three months' notice for positions held longer than one year. Should the occasion arise, however, the longer period of notice is always applicable according to 10 § job security agreement (TA) and in accordance with paragraph 2, 11 § (LAS).

The employee must give two months' notice if he or she has been continuously  employed for more than one year and one month's notice if employed for one year. 

Termination of temporary employment

A temporary position is terminated automatically on the last day of the stated period of employment. If the employment period is not extended, and if the employee has been employed for more than twelve months during the last three years, the employer sends out a warning to the local personnel organisations and a written notice to the employee that the temporary position is not to be extended no later than one month before the contract is terminated. The written notice will clarify if the employee has preferential claim for reemployment. 

Collective Villkorsavtalet Agreement

The Villkorsavtalet agreement applies to all employees of the Swedish governmental bodies.  


Group life insurance coverage

All employees who work 8 hours per week or more are covered by a governmental group life insurance. In the even of death, a tax free insurance amount is paid out. More information can be found on the website of the National Employee Pensions Board (SPV):


 Business travel insurance

The university has signed a business travel insurance. Should you travel to a country with which Sweden does not have an agreement, you need a Business Travel Insurance Certificate. Please contact Human Resources. Make sure you order your European Health Insurance Card from the regional social insurance office Försäkringskassan when you are travelling to an EU/EES country.