Professor of Psychology

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Mittuniversitetet, Faculty of Human Sciences, Avdelningen för psykologi

Mid Sweden University is a place where people meet, find inspiration and think innovatively. Our campuses are situated in Sundsvall and Östersund, and we offer a wide range of courses and education, both on-campus and distance education. Our good relations with society ensure well-supported research and education, not least in the region.

Faculty of Human Sciences

The Department of Psychology is located on Campus Östersund. We conduct research and education within the main fields of psychology, such as cognitive psychology, social psychology, psychology of learning, developmental psychology, and clinical psychology.

Emotion is a central concern of the research conducted in the various fields associated with this subject; experimental psychology, behavioural medicine/clinical psychology, social and developmental psychology. The research conducted here is often carried out in collaboration with international colleagues.

Job description: Overall responsibility for research and education at third-cycle level within the field, and development of the same. Teaching and mentoring at all educational levels. Personal research. Planning (incl. applications and research funding) and management of and participation in research projects. Administrative duties, including management tasks at departmental and other levels within Mid Sweden University, may also arise.

Mid Sweden University welcomes applications from eminent researchers and teachers with broad expertise within multiple areas in the field of psychology. 

Qualification and assessment criteria: A person who has demonstrated both research and teaching expertise shall be qualified for employment as a professor (Swedish Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 4 Section 3).

According to Mid Sweden University’s appointment procedure, a further qualification for teaching is that the candidate has the personal qualities required to carry out the duties involved. In addition, the successful candidate shall have demonstrated scientific skill through independent research and their activities must have consistently maintained high international standards of quality. The candidate must have shown skill in planning, initiating, leading and developing research, demonstrated the ability to obtain research funding in competition, and be able to show documented mentoring skills at third-cycle level. 

Pedagogical expertise must have been demonstrated through accomplishments in education and teaching. Furthermore, the candidate shall present well-documented mentoring skills at first, second and third-cycle levels.

The ability to teach in Swedish and English is a requirement. If the ability to teach in Swedish is lacking, the successful candidate will be expected to be able to do so within two years.

The successful candidate for the professorship shall also be qualified in accordance with the requirements described in Mid Sweden University’s appointment procedure, (, 

Position: Full-time and until further notice.  

Employment begins: The post shall be taken up as soon as possible, or by agreement.

Place of employment: Östersund 

Salary: By negotiation. 

Information: More detailed information can be obtained from head of department Francisco Esteves, +46 (0)10 142 83 25,

Employee organisation representative: Ummis Jonsson, SACO, tel: + 46 (0)10 142 88 09 and Lollo Ljuslin, ST, tel: +46 (0)10 142 79 14. 

Administration: The appointment will be effected following the forms specified in Chapter 4 of the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance and continue in accordance with the appointment procedure applicable at Mid Sweden University. 

Application: A complete application including the requested documentation shall be submitted. It is desirable that application documentation be in English.

For the purposes of this recruitment, the Recruitment Group shall make use of interviews, sample lectures and references. The applicant shall therefore provide a list of references who are able to shed light on her/his professional expertise and personal characteristics, as these are relevant to the position, e.g. collaborative ability, leadership skills and which working methods she/he utilises.

The application must be accompanied by a certified CV, a statement of scientific and educational activities including certificates of scientific and academic qualifications, a full list of publications and no more than 10 scientific publications that the applicant wishes to cite. The opportunity exists to supplement the application after the application deadline.

The complete application, together with publications, should be submitted in three identical copies to the Registrar, Mid Sweden University, 851 70 Sundsvall or to State the reference number MIUN 2017/1088. Applications must be received by Mid Sweden University no later than 30.10.2017.



Mid Sweden University works actively for equal opportunities and strives to embrace the qualities that diversity and equality bring to the organization.

  • Type of employment
    Permanent position
  • Contract type
    Full time
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    Jämtlands län
  • Country
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    MIUN 2017/1088
  • Union representative
    Lollo Ljuslin, Fackförbundet ST, 010-142 79 14
    Ummis Jonsson, SACO, 010-142 88 09
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