Assessment of the police operation at Campus Östersund

Save favourite 21 Mar March 2017

The central crisis group at the university has assessed the handling of the police operation at Campus Östersund on 8 March and concluded with measures that will improve our crisis management further.

– The police operation was an important lesson in more than one aspect; it shows that our routines were not at their optimum in practice, says Deputy Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten, Chair of the Central crisis group that assessed the incident.

The crisis group were gathered just over an hour after the police operation started, where a large number of policemen searched the buildings at Campus Östersund. The operation was decided on after a person was reported seen with a gunlike object on the campus area. A man was later arrested outside the campus area on suspicion of preparing for a robbery.

The police did not contact anyone at Mid Sweden University before, or early on, during the police operation. The crisis group will contact the police to follow up the incident.    

The crisis group worked well and tried their best to stay informed about the course of events, which was very quick. The group assumed that the police should inform the different departments when searching them, as they were the ones best informed about the situation and therefore best able to decide whether people should stay in the premises or if an evacuation was necessary.

– After having been informed by the police about the situation, we published this information on the staff portal, the student portal and on Facebook. However, we should also have sent an e-mail to all staff members, informing them that we would continue to update them via the staff portal. After the incident, we published a news article on that summarized the recent events, and we also published information for our students on the student portal with help from the Student Union, and on Facebook, informing the students that the Student Health Office would offer them support if needed, says Mats.

One of the crisis group’s conclusions is that important information must reach staff members and students in an even more efficient way, and this is why an sms service for crisis communication will be implemented.

– Several things seemed to work well in our plan, but we have to improve them to make them work in practice. The crisis group needs to continue to practise how to act in situations like these. We learn a lot from an incident like this, and obviously, we are very grateful that it all ended well, Mats sums up. 

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten

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