What to do if Adobe Connect isn't loading

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At the beginning of the term, problems logging in to the Adobe Connect classrooms are sometimes experienced. Teachers can prevent and alleviate login problems through following measures.

• Instruct the students to wait for a positive connection. Exiting and re-entering Adobe Connect will only further increase the strain on the system.

• If you and your students still cannot log in to Adobe Connect, you can create an alternative classroom in the less overloaded Adobe Connect Beta environment in advance: https://connect-beta.sunet.se. Our advice is to inform the students in advance that the Beta classroom is your plan B in case of login problems.

• Also inform the students beforehand about how you will notify them should problems arise concerning certain lessons at certain times. We suggest the use of Moodle as a primary means of communication with the students, in case of technical problems. Please notify the students in advance if you wish to use another communication channel.

Please remember to report technical errors to the Service centre: kontakt@miun.se.

How to act when systems do not work

Should there be any problems with Moodle; teachers and students can use the student portal to communicate.

Should there be problems with the student portal, you will find information on miun.se about the measures.

In the unlikely event that both systems stop working, you will find information on miun.se about the measures.

Testing of a new e-meeting tool

Currently, Mid Sweden University is conducting an investigation regarding the university´s need for e-meeting tools for meetings and teaching. At the moment, interviews are being conducted with teachers from different subjects and these interviews will form the basis for a test protocol and planned tests. During September, we will test the additional e-meeting tool SUNET will offer shortly, called Zoom. Should the tool pass our tests, it will be made available later in the autumn.

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