Övriga aktiviteter för forskarstuderande

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Career Day for PhD Students

November 6 TH, 2019, Campus Östersund, 09:00-13:00
November 7 TH, 2019, Campus Sundsvall, 09:00-13:00

All of Mid Sweden University’s PhD-students are cordially invited and encouraged to attend this event, held this year in both Östersund and Sundsvall.

This year’s Career Days will discuss career opportunities within the academic sphere as well as other interesting career paths for PhD-students. Only a minority of PhD-students will have an academic career, making a good understanding of different labor possibilities vital for future employment.

The Days’ keynote speaker, Karin Åmossa, PhD, Head of Research and International Affairs at the Swedish Association of University Teachers and Researchers (SULF) will give her insight into the labor market and discuss different career possibilities. We will also have the opportunity to meet former PhD-students from Mid Sweden University to hear about and discuss their experiences and perspectives on career paths and career preparations.

Registration Deadline: November 1 TH,

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Skrivarträffar fredagar kl14 på Grönborgs Campus SundsvallLyssna

Campus Sundsvall fiket på Åkroken onsdagar klockan 9.30 jämna veckor.
Campus Östersund på Cultum klockan 9.00 den 26 september, 17 oktober, 7 november, 28 november, 19 december.