Erasmus+ utomeuropeisk mobilitet högre utbildning

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Möjlighet att söka pengar för student- och personalutbyte med länder utanför Europa. Kontakta för mer info.

Do you want to deepen your research contacts with institutions outside of Europe?


If you apply for the Erasmus+ ICM program (for e.g. teacher exchanges) you will be able to teach at the institution and can the rest of the time immerse yourself in the research with the your partner institution. There are of course rules and regulations and I’d be happy to inform you about those! Here a little more information:


International Credit Mobility (ICM, student/staff exchanges with institutions outside of EU)


This is Erasmus for exchanges to country outside of Europe. Erasmus is a program that finances student, teacher, and administrator exchanges to foreign institutions. Departments/project groups apply to the International Office at MIUN ( The International Office then coordinates all MIUN-wide applications to be send to UHR (Swedish Council for Higher Education) in one application. Please let Julia Hjalmarsson know as soon as possible if you plan to apply for such a grant. The deadline is to send application documents to Julia Hjalmarsson is January 8, 2017. More information about ICM is available here: (Swedish, with supporting material in English).


Please contact me for more information!


Kind regards,



Julia Hjalmarsson
International Coordinator

International Office

Division of Student and University Services

Mid Sweden University, Campus Sundsvall

Phone: +46-10-142 8356





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