Call for papers - The 19th International Roundtable for the Semiotics of Law

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The 19th International Roundtable for the Semiotics of Law (IRSL 2018), hosted by Juridicum, Örebro University in collaboration with the Association of the International Roundtables for the Semiotics of Law and its President Professor Anne Wagner, will take place 23–25 May 2018.


Theme: Law and Arts in Crime Settings

23–25 May, 2018 

Hosted by Örebro University, Sweden


Abstracts of 300 words (max.) can be submitted by December 1, 2017 to Laura Ervo (Organizer) ( and Anne Wagner ( with participation decisions made by January 15, 2018.  Selected papers will be invited for publication in a special issue of International Journal for the Semiotics of Law. (Springer: or edited volume.

The theme “Law and Arts in Crime Settings” is interdisciplinary and covers various fields of law, philosophy, social work, history, anthropology, semiotics, linguistics, art science (including music, theatre, dance, visual arts), and literature. The conference aims at exploring, analysing and debating semiotic links between real and fictional societies. Conference discussions also aim at exploring the similarities between real-life and fictional characters in order to express the social order in which individual liberties, rights and duties are major concerns. It will focus on how to narrate real or fictitious national crimes, war crimes, crimes against humanity, manslaughter, etc. We will not only focus on legal analyses and literature but also on how artists, political cartoonists and/or official court artists sketch court settings, crimes, and alleged offenders.

We invite contributors to reflect on how these ideas have been examined over the years. Papers which examine the way in which artists, storytellers, writers, novelists, singers, and movie producers have provoked public discourse to confront the theme Law and Arts in Crime Settings are particularly welcome. Special attention will be paid to the way in which storytellers narrate a crime to a very young audience and raise the awareness of young audiences.

The 19th International Roundtable for the Semiotics of Law invites further discussion into these and related questions and welcomes a plurality of approaches, including those of legal studies, philosophy, social science, linguistics, history, cultural studies, and the humanities.

The fact that this interdisciplinary roundtable is hosted by Örebro University is no coincidence. Our vision is to be a prominent broad-based university with the courage to review and the ability to evolve and one of our key features is the dynamic interaction with business, the public sector and the cultural scene. Hosting this unique roundtable, is one example of how we put our vision into practice.

The roundtable will bring together distinguished Swedish and international scholars from several fields. Therefore it will lead to new contacts and connections across disciplines as well as states. It provides an excellent context for new and creative research. Its inspirational power will - for sure - lead to new and innovative research.

 Örebro University is a modern, broad-based university with internationally prominent research. 15,000 students and 1,300 staff study and work here. We offer some 80 degree programmes at the undergraduate and Master’s levels as well as some 750 separate courses. Örebro University cooperates with industry and commerce, local and regional governments and other organisations, both nationally and internationally.

 The conference web page which will be updated continuously can be found here:




Laura Ervo
Professor i rättsvetenskap / Dr., Professor of Law
Örebro universitet/ The Örebro University

Kristina Lexell
Utbildnings- och forskningsadministratör / Study and Research Administrator

Örebro universitet/ The Örebro University


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