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Lunchseminarium: Open drug market at the ‘Navet’ bus station

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Risk- och krisforskningscentrum, RCR, bjuder in till ett öppet seminarium med Teresa Silva, docent i kriminologi.

The police of Sundsvall – a medium-sized city of the center-north Sweden – has been urged, by the public, to break down an open-air drug market operating in the local bus station; an area called Navet. We are performing a comprehensive analysis – in the framework of the 5Is model – to define the characteristics of the Navet market in the context of the drugs’ problem and criminality in the area and in the city. Furthermore, we will analyze Navet as a social construction through the lens of the local media and the population fear of crime. The main objective is to design a preventive knowledge-based tailored intervention that works at several levels (i.e., environmental design, hot spot policing, offender-oriented prevention, raising public awareness) while at the same time we keep the drugs’ phenomenon and proposed intervention in perspective.

Seminariet hålls på engelska. Ta gärna med din lunch och ät under tiden.

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Sundsvall: N102
Östersund: P2218 (videolänk)

1 januari