Public Defence of a Licentiate Thesis

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The decision to hold a public defence of a licentiate thesis is made by the Dean, based on the proposal of the research council. The defence is to be made during the semester and only one doctoral or licentiate thesis per day may be defended within the faculty. An overview (in Swedish) of the preparatory steps can be found in the document “Tidsplan Licentiatseminarium” (in the right-hand margin, only in Swedish).
Please remember to plan ahead!

Compensation of Costs
The faculty sets aside SEK 25,000 for each public defence of a licentiate thesis. This sum should cover expenses like the opponent’s remuneration, travelling expenses, printing costs, etc. The remuneration for the opponent is SEK 4,000, as determined by the Vice-Chancellor.

Word Thesis Templates
Since summer 2015, there is a number of new MS Office templates at Mid Sweden University, among them a thesis template. This template helps PhD students adhere to the Mid Sweden University graphical identity. Using the same fonts, font sizes, colours, and table and graph designs, ensures high readability and that the text can be recognized as a Mid Sweden University publication.

How to
If the new templates have been installed, which should be automatic, you will find a new option in the menu bar. This option is a tab in the top bar called “MITTUNIVERSITETET”. To create a new document using the new templates, select “MITTUNIVERSITETET” and click “Nytt” in the top left corner, below the Mid Sweden University logo. Next, select “Avhandling” to start using the new template. If for any reason the new templates do not show up on your computer, please contact Peter Öberg at IT. The templates are only available for PC, but a MAC version is under development.

There is also a new cover layout. Just like before, the Janitor’s Office will help you with the cover. Contact Christina Olsson for more information.

Thesis content
The structure of the content varies between different universities; sections may be structured as you wish. 

Thesis template margins
The margins of the thesis template takes the printing process of the thesis into consideration.  Note that even if the inside margin seems narrow, the printed product will be correct

Theses in progress
PhD students who have already started working on their thesis are not affected by the new templates; if you have already started writing your thesis you can choose to use whatever layout you are currently using.