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Biblioteket Östersund

When students come to us, we try to show and instruct (help to self-help) rather than just give the right answer. However, we are always happy to help, so do not hesitate to send your students to us. Here you can see some of the things that can be beneficial for you as teacher to know about the library's services to the students.

The Library in Moodle and Subject Guides

The Library in Moodle is the library's digital resource repository, placed in the familiar Moodle environment. It is equally available to campus students and distance education students!

In the Library in Moodle you can find everything from how you borrow books to how to recognize scholarly articles, reference management, basic Word and Excel processing, information retrieval strategies and much more. Here you will also find our subject guides, Moodle pages with database recommendations and other resources to facilitate information retrieval in your subject.

We encourage you as a teacher to familiarize yourself with The Library in Moodle and the subject guide for you subject so that you know when you can refer your students there. There is both a Swedish and an English version of The Library in Moodle.

Here you will find The Library in Moodle
Here you will find Biblioteket i Moodle

Is there something missing in The Library in Moodle, or do you have any other comments about the resources? Contact us at

The chat

The library's chat service is open during office hours and is a very popular service, as it gives you direct contact with the library, no matter where you are. We answer between 1500 and 2000 chats every year, and the questions vary from simple questions regarding book loans to complicated information retrieval questions.  You can find the chat on the library webpage.

Book a librarian

As a student you have the opportunity to book an hour with a librarian for an information retrieval session, where we talk about keywords, databases, reference management and so on. This service is mostly used by C- and D-students when writing their independent projects. Here you can find the booking form.

Reading impairment

Students with a reading impairment can get help from the library to acquire audiobooks. The students download the audio books themselves from MTM (The Swedish Agency for Accessible Media). Audiobook already in the database Legimus can be downloaded immediately, but audiobooks not available has to be ordered via the library. Note that it takes 6-12 week for MTM to produce an audiobook. So, these students are much helped if you as teachers make their course literature list available in plenty of time before course start. Read more about the services for reading impaired students here.

Course literature

For a campus course the library will purchase one short term loan and at least one 14 day loan (sometimes more), for a distace ecducation course we purchase two 14 day loans. We read the course literature lists in Atlas and adhere the set dates for completion of course plans, June 1st for the autumn semester and December 1st for the spring semester. If you make any changes to your course literature list after these dates you need to let the library know so we can update our collection.

Student mentors

The student mentors are available in the library between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on weekdays. They can help with technical difficulties in Moodle the Studentportal, as well as basic Word processing, such as table of contents and pagination. Read more about the student mentors here.