Information retrieval for your students

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Biblioteket Campus Östersund

A Course Unit in Information Searching and Retrieval

The University Library offers instructions in information searching and retrieval from a basic level up to detailed searches to find relevant scholarly and research material. If you are a teacher your liaison librarian can help you add a customized element in information search and retrieval to your course. Contact us at if you want to schedule a session for your students.

Note that the students always should have an assignment in their course that requires information retrieval in connection to the library session, so that it feels relevant to the students. A session is usually 2-3 hours long depending on level and content, and always includes a workshop element where the students practice database searching.

Introduction to Information Retrieval

  • Library Web site and service
  • Search in Primo
  • Search in Libris
  • Searching for articles

Basic Information Retrieval

  • Short review of Primo and Libris
  • Search methods and search tools
  • Searching in subject-specific databases
  • Internet search engines
  • Critical evaluation
  • Custom Searches

In-depth Information Retrieval

  • If needed a review of Primo and Libris
  • Detailed searches in international databases with emphasis on:
  • scientific information
  • Scientific publications and publication types
  • Citation databases
  • Documenting and interpreting references
  • Custom Searches