For teaching staff members

Are you a teacher, researcher or staff member who teaches? These pages will provide you with information in the area of education and about the pedagogical support the university offers.

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Schedules & course specifications

Here you can search out course, program, local- and staff schedules.


Order course in Moodle

You must have ordered your course no later than two weeks before the start of the course.



Zoom is a video conferencing tool, which can be used to hold meetings or distance education lectures. Zoom replaces Adobe Connect as the Mid...

Learning Space, Sundsvall

Mall för självständigt arbete

På den här sidan finns nedladdningsbara mallar, även kallade försättsblad, för studenters självständiga arbeten. Det finns mallar framtagna...

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Search syllabus

You can search for a specific course syllabus by inserting the course code and/or the title of the course in the search engine.

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Find curriculum

Here you will find previous and current education plans.