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If eduPrint-MIUN isn't your default printer you need to make an active choice and choose eduPrint-MIUN as your default printer. 

Instructions and support information for the printers are available where the printers are located.

FollowMe printing

The printing system is a so-called "FollowMe printing" solution. This means that instead of sending your document to a pre-selected printer, your printout is stored centrally until you go to the printer where you wish to collect it and log in using your Miun card or staff account. The first time you use your Miun card to sign in to the printer, you need to place your card against the card reader attached to the side of the machine's screen and enter your user name and password. After that, the system recognizes you and next time, you only have to place your card against the card reader, and you will be signed in automatically.  
Information about how to connect your Miun card to the new printing system.

Inspection of the printers

The agreement of Mid Sweden University and Ricoh include periodic inspection and service of the printers, as well as the filling of paper, toner and other consumables. Ricoh has hired Samhall as a subcontractor for this. 

Student printouts

To use the printers, students need to pay in advance with a credit card in the print portal or deposit money on their print account at the Service centre or the campus library. 

Students are able to print, copy and scan at all the printers they have access to, and they are also able to print from their own device (BYOD) if it can connect to our wireless network (eduroam). When they need to copy or print, they should primarily use the main printer in the campus library or the printers in the computer rooms. 

Information for students

Vaktmästeriet i Östersund

Please turn to the Janitor’s office, CAMP (Swedish: Vaktmästeriet) to order printing of larger editions, special prints and similar.

Error report and support

For questions and support, please contact the Service Center, phone: +46 (0)10-142 84 65. If it is not an urgent problem, please report it in the Service portal or by sending an e-mail to