Translation and proofreading

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If you need a translation (Swedish-English, English-Swedish) or proofreading, Mid Sweden University has got an inhouse translator for texts covered by so-called overhead costs, and a list of recommended agencies for other translations and proofreading.

When should a text be translated and who should do it? This information can be found in the Mid Sweden University language policy appendix (see the box below).

In general, the person who owns the information in Swedish must see to it that the text is translated into English, if necessary.

The Division of Communications has a translator employed at 80 %, Kristina Söderström, and she takes on texts that are covered by the overhead costs. In the case of texts shorter than 200 words, you are to translate them yourself; however, Kristina can offer proofreading of texts, if time allows. All other translation and proofreading orders should be directed at our external partners, and these should be paid by the department, division or project ordering the translation.  

Translation and proofreading covered by overhead costs include information directed at all employees, but also prioritized information for external target groups. Examples are decisions and steering documents, news of accidents and stoppages, terms of employment, important information for all employees, as well as basic external information and news for

If you need help with a translation or proofreading of a text that falls under the categories of the overhead costs, please fill out the form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

This is a list of recommended translators and agencies:Översättningar.htm

Mid Sweden University language policy

Policy document for translation at Mid Sweden University,
appendix to the Mid Sweden University language policy Listen