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Institutionen för informationssystem och teknologi

Mid Sweden University is a place where people meet, find inspiration and think innovatively. Our campuses are situated in Sundsvall and Östersund, and we offer a wide range of courses and education, both on-campus and distance education. Our good relations with society ensure well-supported research and education, not least in the region.

Faculty of Science, Technology and Media

The Department of Information Systems and Technology is located at Campus Sundsvall and conducts research and education in the following subjects: Archives and Information Science, Computer Engineering, Informatics, Electrical Engineering, Computer and System Science, and Business Management and Organization.

Upcoming 5G (and beyond) radio access technologies will enhance the current wireless communication capabilities towards the support of the Internet of Things (IoT), including time critical use cases such as field control in industrial scenarios and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Applications like closed loop control between sensors and actuators in manufacturing require deterministic isochronous real time (IRT) transmissions with strict end-to-end latencies in the order of ~0.1 ms at a 10-9 reliability level. In a first phase of the project, the candidate will be involved in the physical layer design of upcoming wireless systems including short and robust transmissions, faster retransmissions, preemption, packet duplication and frequency/spatial diversity mechanisms. This phase is meant to “set the scene” for a second phase, which will be focused on co-design of physical and medium access layers to meet reliable-latency constraints. Interference from neighboring radio cells is a major limiting factor towards reliable communication. Therefore, the study of interference suppression and mitigation techniques will be an essential part of before-mentioned study items.

The candidate is expected to pursue theoretical and experimental research. The research is a part of the profile area of Industrial IT and digital services at Mid Sweden University and will be carried out in collaboration with other researchers included in the STC Research Centre.

Job description: As a PhD student, your main task is to pursue research and graduate studies. An interest in mathematical formulation and analysis, as well as programming is required. The work is of theoretical nature with elements of computer simulations and experimental work. The work will also involve close cooperation with industrial partners and international contacts. This position includes 80% research and 20 % teaching/administrative work.

Requirements and assessment: To be considered for a PhD position, the applicant must meet the entry requirements for admission to Mid Sweden University´s third-cycle programme. In order to meet the entry requirements the applicant must have a second-cycle degree, or have completed at least 240 ETCS credits of which at least 60 credits should be second-cycle courses. An additional requirement is that 90 credits of the 240 total must consist of courses in computer and system science. The applicant is also eligible for consideration if s/he has acquired the corresponding knowledge in some other way. A Master of Science degree in electrical engineering, signal processing, computer science, computer engineering, or engineering physics is an appropriate background for employment.

In addition to the formal qualifications, selection is also based on other works (e.g. thesis), and advanced level courses, and through interviews of applicants. Besides good subject knowledge, emphasis will be on creative thinking, co ability, initiative to work independently and personal suitability for research training. A strong background in wireless communication, mathematics, signal processing, and programming is preferable. Previous experience in communication systems, and programming in C/C++, Python, or RTOS is meritorious.

Terms of employment: The PhD position refers to employment corresponding four years of fulltime studies and is planned to lead up to a PhD.

Location: Sundsvall

Entry: According to agreement but preferably in September/October 2019.

For further information Further information is available from Prof. Mikael Gidlund (Head of Research),, or Dr. Patrik Österberg (Head of Institution),, phone +46 60 148614. See also for more information on doctoral studies in Sweden.

Salary: According to the Mid Sweden University salary scale for PhD students.

The application should include a verified CV, copies of official transcripts and degree certificates, description of objectives according to the above as well as other documents the applicant would like to refer to. Please welcome to apply through our recruitment tool no later than June 16th, 2019.

Mid Sweden University works actively for equal opportunities and strives to embrace the qualities that diversity and equality bring to the organization.

  • Type of employment
    Temporary position longer than 6 months
  • Contract type
    Full time
  • First day of employment
    According to agreement but preferably in September/October 2019
  • Salary
    According to the Mid Sweden University salary scale for PhD students
  • Number of positions
  • Working hours
  • City
  • County
    Västernorrlands län
  • Country
  • Reference number
    MIUN 2019/923
  • Union representative
    Per Bergman, Fackförbundet ST, 010-142 83 71
    Lars P Nilsson SACO, 010-142 88 32
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