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Campus Östersund

Library services

The library is a place where students and employees of Mid Sweden University, as well as members of the public, are welcome to borrow books, sit and read and study in comfortable environments, use group study rooms and more. We also have large amounts of electronic resources that everyone with a Miun login can access from anywhere in the world.


Planning Tools

To facilitate Mittuniversitetets planning, planning tools for training, staffing and finance are linked together to a comprehensive planning process.


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Equal opportunities

The equality of all human beings is an obvious and basic value in all activities at Mid Sweden University. Employees, as well as students, should be treated and met with respect and dignity. Regard is paid to differences in order to promote the individual’s possibilities to work and study.

Information and PR

At Mid Sweden University we produce a substantial amount of information material that is directed towards different interest groups outside the university – prospective students, cooperation partners, public institutions, etc.

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