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Today there are four institutions of higher education engaged in major research programs of the Knowledge Foundation The Knowledge Environment: Halmstad University, University of Skövde, Jönköping University and Mid Sweden University. The purpose with the Knowledge environments is to develop profiled research in co-production with the industry as summarized in the following points:

  • Profiling and coproduction should permeate the university's research activities.
  • To be able to conduct a high-quality, profiled and co-produced research adequate development conditions for research are needed. It is these conditions that the Knowledge Environment implements and monitors.

Vision Transforming the Industrial Ecosystem – TIE

Transforming the Industrial Ecosystem - TIE is a vision for regional renewal and growth. It combines industrial forces in the region with the dynamic force that Mid Sweden University represents. A growing ecosystem is formed when the present industrial core act in symbiosis with the renewal of the edge. All parts of the university's activities are important in the realization of TIE vision and our development is guided by the following six guidelines:

  1. Exploit the competitive advantages of the region
  2. Choose opportunities from a global perspective
  3. Use information technology as a key enabler
  4. Adapt to changing markets
  5. Supply competence and skills
  6. Profile the most exciting future opportunities


Hans-Erik Nilsson
Coordinator Knowledge environment at Mid Sweden University.

Mattias O´Nils
Head of STC Research Centre

Kaarlo Niskanen
Head of FSCN Research Centre

Maria Torstensson 
Management support

Fanny Burman
Responsible for quality control, administrative process and management support

Lisa Velander
Administrative support STC

Christine Grafström
Communications Officer STC

Inger Axbrink
Communications Officer FSCN

Vision - Transforming the Industrial Ecosystem