The survey of psychosocial working environment is here!

Save favourite 30 Jan January 2017

Now you have received the Survey of psychosocial working environment as an e-mail from the sender ”Quicksearch”. It will only take a few minutes to complete and all you have to do is to open the e-mail and click on the link, which opens the survey.

After that, you just follow the instructions. Please answer the questions of the survey no later than 12 February and remember that you are 100% anonymous in this survey.

How can the survey be anonymous when it is sent to me by e-mail?

The e-mail addresses are transferred to the Quicksearch system where they receive an index number. When Quicksearch sends out the e-mails, they only use the index numbers and ergo, Quicksearch cannot see the connection between number and e-mail addresses, but the database can register if all surveys have received replies. 

Example: the e-mail address receives the index no. 55. When the survey is sent out, the system registers that no. 55 has received a survey. Pelle Pennan replies and the system registers that index no. 55 has replied. When reminders are sent out, the reply index numbers are compared with the numbers that have received the survey. If a reply is missing from an index number, the database itself finds the e-mail address and a reminder is sent out. The handling is automatic with no human involvement. In addition, the databases are safe in servers at Quicksearch, which means that Quicksearch can guarantee that no third party gets access to the information.

Thank you for participating!

News for staff members at: Sundsvall, Östersund

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