In case of an emergency

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Emergency exit

Information needed in emergency situations and security regulations.

Ambulance, fire-brigade, police—in emergency situations dial 112!

Dial 112 to get help from any of the public emergency resources. 112 is an emergency number that should be used whenever lives, or property, or the environment are in danger. In case of a fire always dial 112!

At burglary, theft, vandalism, or in case of alarm

When ongoing crime call 112

During working hours: Call the security commanders 010-142 83 57 or 010-142 83 20 and the curator of the campus:

Campus Sundsvall: Sören Sollén, Phone number: 010-142 86 02

Campus Östersund: Per-Erik Östling, Phone number: 010-142 82 43

After working hours: call the curator of the campus (above) and our security company: 
Phone number: 010-470 53 32
Do not forget to clarify what campus you need the security officer to go to!

Internal support and help at Mid Sweden University

There is a central crisis management group, which has the overall, as well as strategic, responsibility for the crisis work at Mid Sweden University and its entire organisation. On every campus there are local crisis management groups that have a local responsibility for the crisis management, and they have the duty to see to that adequate resources are called in. Their responsibility is also to provide the central crisis management group with regular and correct information.

The vice-chancellor is the calling person in the central crisis management group.

The staff administrator in each town is the calling person in the local crisis management group on each campus respectively:

Campus Sundsvall
Staff administrator: Margaretha Rumm 
Phone number: 010-142 86 53.

Campus Östersund
Staff administrator: Anders Sandberg
Phone number: 010-142 79 80.